How to do a Dental Filling – Best Composite Restoration Tips

I’ve asked my colleagues for their best tips to restore Class II restorations. This is a top ten tooth filling tips for video for 2019 using Clearfil SE and Filtek Z350 composite.



imagine they put you on anaesthesia at the dentist and as you pass out you hear the dentist say “now pull up that tutorial on YouTube”

John Elkomos Makary:

What’s the material used for sealing the margins in the final step after finishing and polishing the restoration?

Alvin Ross:

Good video, I had never heard of using sealants on the margins of the filling and enamel.

Taylor ozbourne:

I bet my dentist was watching this before doing my fillings 😂

Chris Read:

Have you tried the eve diacomp polishing wheels? They’re amazing at getting that finish on a composite. Especially in the anterior, and making it super smooth for the patient. 😊

Jair cazarez:

I wish I could show this to the dentist I work with. I have 11 years of experience working with multiple dentist and I learned many techniques. I work with a newly grad and one day he got offended when I told him that was not the right way to place the wedge. He told me, “did you go to dental school?”.
We apply etch for 3 seconds and cure of 5 seconds.
It’s frustrating, you can just imagine all his work. I am one-hundred-per-cent sure if he get tested on all his work I’m sure they’ll make him repeat school


Why didn’t you remove all the old existing restorative material? Standard of care of care is removing all the existing restorative material. For cdca exam in USA that is a must. Regardless nice tips and really enjoy the videos. You have a lot of skill.