How to Brush Your Teeth with Dr. Ryan – Modified Bass Technique

In this video, I show you the most effective and efficient way to brush your teeth. Thanks for watching!



Thank you! I brush my teeth with a Sonicare toothbrush 3 to 4 times a day, plus flossing, but I still get cavities (lifelong problem). My dentist said to brush my teeth with a circular motion instead of the back-and-forth top-to-bottom method I’ve been using. This video really helps to demonstrate exactly how to perform the circular technique, as well as the proper angle and the sweeping motion.

Miss Craze:

Wow, You’re on it! My faculty literally told me to review this technique earlier today! Thanks.


This is the best explanation of this new-to-me kind of brushing! Thanks, I appreciated it.

Jenna Lavin:

Ryan ur still always tutoring me! Anytime I have to review something or look something up on YouTube you come up 😂always the best

Tootsla 125:

I started using this technique a couple of years ago. I use a manual tooth brush, and my hygienist is highly complimentary. She says I have perfect hygiene, which she says she rarely if ever says that. I do this in the morning also, and floss at night.


I have issues with gum recession, is there any guarantee this technique won’t worsen the receding in my gums or should I modify it in any way. Thanks for the helpful and informative video!

Rachel Vislisel:

I appreciate the visual, but could you clarify if the brush is actually overlapping part of the gum or just on the teeth but touching the gum line? Thank you!