How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Brushing your teeth is an integral part of oral health, but many people don’t brush correctly. Watch this video for the right way, as well as some tips and tricks.



He left out some of the most important things: Rense your mouth out with water immediately and thoroughly after every time you eat, and after everytime you drink things other than plain water. This includes lemon water and other flavored water; the acid and other things in the flavoring needs to be removed from your mouth. Rensing help dislodge some food particles, but also helps remove things coating your teeth that you can’t see.
Floss all teeth thoroughly after EVERY time you eat, until you remove ALL food particles. Do not delay. Do not put it off until later. Do not do it some of the time, but not other times, because you think you are too busy to take a few seconds/half a minite to do it. This is just as important as brushing. Brushing alone does not remove all food stuck between your teeth. If you don’t floss and leave any food inbetween your teeth, even just a little, or “just for a little while”, you will end up with decay in-between your teeth.
After eating, you rinse your mouth, floss, and then wait 30 minutes before brushing. This is somewhat counterintuitive, but it is to keep you from wearing down enamel, which needs a little time to reharden after eating. You also should wait 30 minutes after brushing before eating anything else.
Almost my entire family takes poor care of their teeth. My bother claims to be too busy to floss. Both set of grandparents had dentures. One of my parents have dentures and the other is getting some very soon. Many extended familly have dental problems. Many of the family smokes and/or constantly drinks coffee, pop, gatorade or other colored drinks.
I learned from being around them all life, if you don’t take these things seriously, or just don’t know any better, and don’t take the time to do these things correctly and take good care of your teeth, you are only setting yourself up for misery, regret and potentially costly dental visits. And if you don’t teach your kids better, how to do it correctly, and don’t actually make them do it when they try and misbehave like little kids do, you are setting them up for misery, costly dental visits, AND future resentment towards you, because they did not learn better from you, and setting yourself up for regret.

me me:

holy crap, i looked up a video to see what the “correct” way to brush your teeth is. i used to do the back n forth or circular motions. so i tried the up and down motions exactly as he aid, sections at a time, and OMG my teeth have never felt so clean! i mean they always felt clean after brushing but this is a whole new level! thank you 👍🏼


Thanks! My teeth would always look yellow after i brush them now after 3 months of doing this technique my teeth are extremely white!

Dave E:

Floss, and use an essential oil antiseptic mouth wash like Listerine to reduce plaque. The tongue is definitely an overlooked culprit in halitosis, use a tongue scraper & toothbrush that has a tongue scrubber.

Cheza Vidal:

Someone told me that if you brush up and down the plaque goes back to the inside of the gums. Her advice was to brush gently sideways and then scrape the brush downwards away from the gums. So I’m having trouble knowing which direction should i really brush.