How to brush your teeth – fight tooth decay

Tooth decay is preventable. In most cases you can do most of the work yourself !!
Learn how to brush your teeth in this 3D animation from midtown dentistry – the houston dentists


Ulisses Fernando Lodi Salgado:

Doctor, you could explain much more about toothbrushing. There are many details mainly about the use of dental floss.


My sisters really need this. Thank you. But one of them, (Lila,) really REALLY needs to use this. She is disgusting when it comes to this. Love y’all thank y’all bless y’all 💖💞

Meg Sarna:

its really hard to hv totally clean spaces bw d teeth. why god made such imperfect teeth for humans?
dont we v anything better to do than keep brushing & flossing 3 times daily??🙁

Don Dada:

Welp guess i’m first hi everybody hope your having a blessed day and i pray for many others for each and every one of you.