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And another one!
Braces 101 with Dr. Williams in today’s episode we explain a little bit how we put braces on.


ame loves frogs:

i have some tips for anyone who’s planning on getting braces:
– use chapsticks before the procedure starts especially if you have very chapped lips
– if your dentist doesn’t give you shades, close your eyes when they tighten the braces with blue light bc it can hurt your eyes
– DONT move your tongue when your dentist is applying glue, they dont taste good and they kinda burn your throat
– eat before you get your braces, you won’t be able to eat well for a few days or even weeks (mine lasted for about a week)
– learn how to eat solid food without breaking a bracket

Ahhahshs Gaggagshs:

1: it doesn’t hurt at all when the orthodontist is applying them! It’s only a little uncomfortable
2: take pain meds about 30 mins before you get braces! Although it doesn’t hurt when they are putting them on, they will start hurting extremely bad about 30 minutes after.
3: MAKE SURE YOU BRUSH AND FLOSS 2x A DAY!!! You’ll get bad stains and cavities if you don’t
4: reply with more questions 😊

Sweet pumpkin hmm:

Imagine your dentist watching this tutorial during the procedure

Shreyanshi Singh:

if i had teeth like hers, i would never think of getting braces🙌


I had mine put on today at a hospital (since I’m quite a severe case) and I was super curious as to what was happening while they were putting them on haha, so now I’m watching this video. Luckily got them for free as I live in the UK and I need them for health reasons, but I’m super excited to see my teeth come together a bit over the next 2 years. I’ve never been able to bite with my front teeth in my life because of my really big underbite and AHH I’m so so happy I finally got them put on!!

My mommy said that i can get a brace when im 13 or 15 and Thank you for showing this video i really thought it really hurts but to be honest i think i can get over with it and keep up the good work as a doctor and stay safe!😊😊


Oh, this makes me feel so much better! I’ve been needing braces to straighten out my teeth, but I’ve been anxious at the thought of going through the process. Now that I see what happens, I don’t feel so scared anymore :]

Mgg Is Very Fine:

Here’s a tip if you are going to get braces DO NOT MOVE YOUR TONGUE while they are using the glue it tases disgusting

Stacy Garcia:

I want & need braces so bad 😩 but they’re too expensive and COVID ain’t doing justice :/

Mansi Ahitan:

Who’s scared 😂 and also wants the braces very badly cuz they want to look perfect while smiling… I the one who always hide her teeth while laughing or smiling 😭😭😂😂….well all the best for everyone who’s getting braces

banana milk tae:

I just went to the ortho yesterday to get braces on my top teeth, all I can say is, it doesn’t hurt it just feel like pressure when they put on the color hands. The next day I woke up in the middle of the night because my teeth were hurting, but the pain is slowly getting better