How the dentist repairs a chipped tooth

The video above illustrates how to repair a fractured anterior (front) tooth with a dental filling material. Initially, the dentist needs to be able to remove any unsupported enamel & incorporate a bevel which will help camouflage the dental filling material. This incorporates minimal preparation & will allow for a better bonding mechanism.


Dallin Samson:

this gives me hope lmao, I was playing foot ball and a guy tackled me and chipped his tooth, I felt so bad but now i have a clear conscience


Awesome. Just awesome. Great step by step, beautifully shot, and perfect result. Keep it up Dr. S! This is really gonna help a lot of us out here!

Omar Lemons:

for every who is scared about this process don’t be when i was 8 my brother threw a rock at my tooth it chipped in half the dentist did this process on my tooth i’m 15 now and the stuff they put on my chipped tooth is still here and to be honest it feels like my normal tooth so don’t worry

Here’s The Thing – Guy Manfellow:

This video is really well put together. Love the sound track, thanks!


I have a small chip, i had braces so it really disappoints me that this happened. I can’t afford a dentist now but I hope that maybe in a few months I can get it fixed. And hopefully it’s not expensive


so grateful for modern technology.
moment of silence for all the people who chipped their teeth in history and had to live with that for the rest of their lives


I recently had this surgery done to my front tooth and was told not to bite when eating. Does this last forever, or is it only temporary? I know a lot of people who’ve continued as normal.


I’ve had this done TWO times to the same tooth. At first it was just a small chip on my front tooth. I had it fixed like in the video. Literally like 2 weeks later, the filling broke off while I was eating & it looked like I was missing even more tooth that time. 😫 I freaked & went back to the dentist to have it done again…. that one lasted a few months & broke off again. I still haven’t had it repaired again because now I’m an adult & pay my own insurance 🙃 I’m scared to waste my money to have it done again & it just fall off in a few weeks/months


This gives me so much hope!! I fell down on my face while running the last year and I chipped my front tooth