How Teeth Are Professionally Deep Cleaned | Deep Cleaned

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a different technique in comparison to traditional dental cleaning. It shows patients exactly where there is a buildup of bacteria on their teeth using a purple film. Faye Donald, a registered dental hygienist, walks us through the process from start to finish, explaining how it deep cleans a mouth more effectively than traditional methods.


_j deanaperocho:

Mad respect for the grandpa who showed his teeth infront of the camera

Megumi Hayashida:

I didn’t want to watch this ngl but then I felt like I had no other choice than continuing simply because I deeply wanted to see the final result and suprisingly this is actually satisfying!

Gigi Guerrero:

“Learning good oral hygiene habits is like learning to swim- you have to been shown”
Love this woman

Michael Jenard Ligan:

I love how passionate she is talking about her job. Saying: Ugh! I love my job, I love it so much. Um… Because I get to put smiles on people’s faces every single day. What other job in the world gets to do that?
I felt that 😇❤️

John Leyva:

So cool how at the end she says how much she loves her job. It’s feels good to appreciate your job cuz it’s something you love and all the work you put into it to get where you are

Swag Vlad:

Btw guys. I had tooth decay on three teeth. I went to the dentist, and yes they did the water hose things throughout my mouth. Well as much as the water hosing on your teeth is painless. Absolutely painless I can tell you. Here comes the painful part. The end of the equipment is used to grind your teeth into powder from and if it reaches deep, it’ll start to hurt, you can feel your teeth being grinded like a stone sculpture. But the dentist put on a paste on the empty area with artificial paste like thingy that solidifies for good in your mouth. You’ll get used to it over time. Edit it was my back teeth not my front

Aj Aj:

Great video, thank you for making these kind of videos. I’m a dental therapist and as you said “ I love my job” . Working with GBT is a revolution.


“This video contains teeth-cleaning imagery”
Oh thank you for warning me! It’s not like the title, thumbnail, or first few seconds of the video told me that already! I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t tell me that!

wilbur foot:

I had my plaque cleaned off the old-fashioned way and it was so terrifying. I hated it. Thankfully my dentist got the new water jet thing and it’s WAY better and I feel happy and way for comfortable now.


One of the best feelings I have experienced when going to the dentist is for them to say I got absolutely no fault whatsoever with my teeth and gums after they checked it. Welp, guess all those years of proper brushing paid off.