How braces are put on

Getting braces soon? You may be here because you want to know how they are put on. Watch our time-lapse video for all the steps, and TIPS on how to manage new braces. Follow the link for more information.


Damn I bet his braces hurt like hell. Mine were super painful and my teeth weren’t quite as unaligned (esp on the bottom) as his. Good luck, dude. I hope your teeth turned out ok

Vaishnavi Chavan:

For all those asking if it hurts, well yes and no.
It doesn’t hurt when braces are being put on, neither does it hurt later on.
However, the next day it will be slightly painful. Force is being applied to your teeth so yes it is gonna pain. Anyway so the pain goes on increasing for about 4-5 days and you might not be comfortable eating most things. The pain is not unbearable though. You’ll be fine with a paracetamol. I didn’t use any, not until now because I hate oral medications. My point, the pain isnt that bad.
After 4-5 days however, it won’t be painful at all. Nothing at all.
I got my braces last month but I didn’t get them on all at once. It was in batches so it hurt everytime braces were put on to a different set of teeth. If you get it done all at once, you won’t have to go through it over and over again.
And yes you have to adjust! You gonna have a completely different jaw structure, let alone permanent. Remember, NO PAIN NO GAIN.
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk bye its 4:42 am.
Edit- I’m three months into braces and I’m not sure but I’ll try and get back to the comment at the end of the year (2020) just to share my overall experience. I’m really worried about staining my teeth. It’s 4:02 am and I have a test in the morning ugh I need to sleep. Oh and feel free to drop any questions, I’ll try my best to answer.
Edit 2- I won’t be answering any question about the “pain” because I think I’ve emphasized it enough. Any other questions are welcome.
Edit 3- It’s January 2021. My orthodontist said my Braces will be removed in April 2021.😭
Edit 4- Today is 27th February 2022. My braces were removed on 10th may 2021. So it’s been aalmost a year. I had my braces on for a year and half. It was a great experience. Only advice is please wear your retainers or else your teeth are gonna shift back. It happened with me. All the best if you wanna get it. Would definitely recommend.

The Original Lexa:

I bet he is so happy with his teeth now! I went through it twice, and remember getting sinus headaches every time my braces were adjusted, from the movement of my teeth. Thanks for posting this and showing how much work really goes into orthodontia and for giving this young man an entirely new smile 😁

Phil Gordon:

I have a lot of sympathy for this man. My teeth were just as mangled as his surgery and braces and 3 years of pain but it was worth it.

The Estherverse:

I’ve been crying for three days straight (I got them four days ago) they literally hurt so bad
Update: almost 7 months later, my teeth are now completely straight. I was being dramatic it didn’t hurt TOO bad but it just hurt to bite down. It goes away after a week so don’t let my experience freak you out

Ani Tadevosyan:

To anyone who shared their entire braces story in the comments and said that it DIDN’T hurt for them, all I can say is that man, you are soo lucky!!
This November 14 it will be exactly 1 year that I am wearing braces and I go to my orthodontist every month to change my wires and make adjustments and all that. Let me tell you, the pain has ALWAYS been bad for me the first few days every time I get them changed.
I got them changed yesterday, and let me tell you I WENT THROUGH HELL AND BACK and I still am right now while writing this. As if changing the plain wire wasn’t enough pain, this time he added power chains, TWO springs, and he changed the way I wear my rubber bands. Sometimes I go to the bathroom and start crying there so nobody sees me. Yes, it’s that bad and no, I’m not exaggerating. I actually have a high pain tolerance (usually). The only thing I can tell myself to reassure myself is that it’ll be worth it. Now excuse me while I go to the bathroom and start crying.

John Cena:

Anyone that’s worried about getting braces on read this please
-firstly I have really bad pain tolerance and I felt NO PAIN and NO DISCOMFORT AT ALL
The first few days will be a bit weird but ya get used to it
Brushing is easy ish but will hurt a bit as teeth are sensitive first few days
I heard it was hard to eat at first YES IT IS😂 I tried eating a crisp and it was the worst 5 seconds of the entire thing but I guess if ya don’t try it ya won’t know so I kinda do recommend it cos it’ll be the worst pain of it all so everything after it will all be fine 😂
That wax is a godsend use it and get two packs of it if you can u use it rlly fast or order some online
Everything is fine
Chill out
It won’t be long till ya got em off and the first 8 weeks FLY BY
The pretty colours and straight teeth at the end are completely worth it

Gaelle A.:

Literally want braces so bad, I’m sick of feeling and looking like this, I have overcrowding so my front teeth are on top of eachother:(, it’s horrible and affects me so much mentally. I just want to smile and finally feel pretty. Pray for me to get braces guys😣
Update: I got themmmm, finally and my front teeth are looking so much better now. Thanks for the wishes guys, y’all manifested this for me🤧

Mallory Riske:

For everyone getting braces, I got braces January 3, and it’s really not too bad. It takes 2 or 3 hours for the pain to kick in, but as long as you have soft food, you should be good (noodles, rice, soup, ice cream). Don’t be nervous, it’s nothing to worry about! I hope everything goes well 👍