Gum recession – Treatment of gingival retraction

Why do gums recede? Which are the treatments for gingival or gum recession?



This works, (gum grafting) it’s painful in the area where they take the tissue for a few weeks but not a huge deal. If you’re getting it in an area that no one will see when you smile, then don’t worry about it. However, some people’s gums easily show when they talk or smile. This doesn’t match your gum 100%. The tissue color is different (whiter), you can tell something is off. If you’re getting this done in a highly visible area and are concerned about aesthetics, I’d ask to see before and after photos.

Peter J Puleo:

Caused mostly by genetics and aging, according to my dentist. I have receding gums and I take extreme care of my gums and teeth. This surgery is very expensive, probably painful, and possibly unnecessary accept in very severe cases at a young age.

Amanda Wells:

I got this surgery done on one of my top teeth, it healed nicely. Almost all my bottom teeth except the molars are receded and very thin gum tissue. I got surgery 2x and it didnt work

Pat Hannah:

‘grafting material obtained from animals or humans’ Exactly what type of animals you’re getting this from, and/or do the humans have to be dead?

Eliza Gaskell:

Didn’t know this was possible. Good to know such things are possible. Whilst it looks terrible and painful I’d rather do this because the alternative is to lose your teeth.

Jessica Monteferrante:

Amazing video!

Vakada Lakshmana Siva Kumar:

Same problem suffering my husband side daNtham 2nd one no fungus or infection but more pain doctor root canal suggested but he was not interested, ur video is very useful to me, I will try this type of treatment available in Rjy local doctors thank you