Gingivectomy – Treatment for gummy smile

Gummy smile ocurrs when too much gum is shown when smiling.


Lydia Vee:

Hey just letting everyone know I just got done with this an hour ago, and I LOVE the results!!! I literally couldn’t feel anything during the procedure. now my gums are a little sore but it’s manageable! If you want to get this, it’s worth it!


Just got this done today!! I was super nervous but it went well! I didn’t want them to numb me up with a needle so they tried the gel first but I could feel the laser so they used a needle to numb me some more. You don’t feel anything during the procedure and it doesn’t take long at all! Would totally recommend. I’m so happy with my results. Feeling really sore but it’ll get better.

Marjorie Freeman:

This is one cosmetic procedure I’m just going to have to get. I had braces, and I already had smaller teeth, but my gums also never really bounced back either. So since I have to stare at my gummy smile on Zoom calls all day now, I’m just gonna go for it lol.


If anyone is scared and just came to this video, the procedure is easy, at least for me I didn’t feel a thing, the only thing that sucked was the smell of the actual burnt skin, it stayed with me for like a day or two. The part that sucks the most is when everything is done. You have to be very careful with foods and temperatures. Can’t look down and shit like that. It didn’t hurt after it was done, it bothers me a bit because I can feel the stitches a bit but besides that, no pain.
You’ll be Okay, I promise!


I’m kinda freaking out because I’ll be having this procedure in a few weeks time but it’s definitely worth it


My sister has this issue and I want to find some way to fix this for her.