Get Wise About Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom – and wisdom teeth! Learn more about what to expect when this third set of molars come through in your late teens.


Unicorn BaconFarts:

Keep your wisdom teeth if your dentist says they are okay to keep. I’ve lived with mine for years and they are very useful 👍

Pokémon Fan:

For everyone saying they’re 10-13 and have their wisdom teeth coming in these are likely your second molars. Feel after your canine tooth, you should have 2 pre-molars and then 2 molars after that. The third molar (wisdom tooth) does come in at 17-21. It’s called your third molar but it will basically be your fifth molar.


Wisdom teeth start to develop in the jaw as early as 9 years of age. It is perfectly normal to have wisdom teeth pulled between 14-25 years of age.

Brenda Muth:

I am 68 and still have my wisdom teeth! And yes, I floss around them. The hygienists are always amazed when they see I have my wisdom teeth! Dr. Wilson is my dentist. Make sure you get your teeth cleaned and checked twice a year! Who wants dentures!!


I felt mine poking out at the top right while I was eating. I really hope that it has enough space or is not crooked since I got my 1st molar removed when I was in 8th grade. After a couple of months my 2nd molar adjusted and moved beside my premolars in place of the 1st molar. I know that wisdom teeth are always there to replace any missing molars or teeth, but Im scared if it will still come in crooked.

King Trophy Guide:

When I was almost 18 I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I also felt the pain of my wisdom teeth. That was why the dentists warn that after the wisdom teeth removal I should eat something soft, but nothing hard. The same thing I couldn’t move faster. 🦷☠️
That’s the reason why wisdom teeth really suck and need to be removed!

Poker Group digital:

I had pain when my wisdom teeth grow.
But my dentist said my teeth look and are absolutly perfect.


Yes!! Finally! It’s growing!! I was waiting for my wisdom tooth.. because we’ll go to the dentist and my other broken teeth will be looked at too.. and I like the pain..


My bottom wisdom teeth have come out half way but a bog part of them is still beneath my gum. Since some days si chewed hard substances multiple times on the gum of my right wisdomtooth sow now it is a bit swolen and hurts when I chew on it…I am afraid it might be something else, like infection etc