Get Wise About Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom – and wisdom teeth! Learn more about what to expect when this third set of molars come through in your late teens.


Pokémon Fan:

For everyone saying they’re 10-13 and have their wisdom teeth coming in these are likely your second molars. Feel after your canine tooth, you should have 2 pre-molars and then 2 molars after that. The third molar (wisdom tooth) does come in at 17-21. It’s called your third molar but it will basically be your fifth molar.


I felt mine poking out at the top right while I was eating. I really hope that it has enough space or is not crooked since I got my 1st molar removed when I was in 8th grade. After a couple of months my 2nd molar adjusted and moved beside my premolars in place of the 1st molar. I know that wisdom teeth are always there to replace any missing molars or teeth, but Im scared if it will still come in crooked.

Brenda Muth:

I am 68 and still have my wisdom teeth! And yes, I floss around them. The hygienists are always amazed when they see I have my wisdom teeth! Dr. Wilson is my dentist. Make sure you get your teeth cleaned and checked twice a year! Who wants dentures!!

King Trophy Guide:

When I was almost 18 I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I also felt the pain of my wisdom teeth. That was why the dentists warn that after the wisdom teeth removal I should eat something soft, but nothing hard. The same thing I couldn’t move faster. 🦷☠️
That’s the reason why wisdom teeth really suck and need to be removed!

Poker Group digital:

I had pain when my wisdom teeth grow.
But my dentist said my teeth look and are absolutly perfect.


Is it normal that I’m 14 nearly 15 and feel like I’m growing my wisdom teeth? They is two huge bumps at the back of my mouth and the bumps are tilted onto my other teeth it doesn’t feel painful but it feels like they is something under the bumps

Sweet Death:

My wisdom teeth start coming at when I was 17 n now I’m 19 soon I’ll be 20. Trust me it don’t hurt always like in the gap of 6 months ig but when it hurts then it’s so painful swelling n your whole jaw will be in huge pain. I’m thinking if I should pull it out or should I keep it, my jaw is big so there is space for wisdom teeth to come out but still

Chrrayden DeezNuts:

I’m 29 and one is now just coming in. I accidentally swallowed the piece of gum that covered it… On top of that this one really hurts. The other ones I didn’t feel. Plus they made my other teeth crooked.
I have an appointment in 3 days boy! They’re giving me Vertigo!!!