Frenectomy Procedure with Dental Laser

This Frenectomy Procedure video was filmed by a clinical using a diode dental laser at Keating Dental Arts Dental Lab in Irvine California. Performing a frenectomy on a patient can not only help improve their dental care, but also their quality of life. In this video, we’ll walk through using a diode laser to perform a frenectomy, as well as her postoperative care.



Oh. My. God. I have to have a frenectomy and I am sooo scared 😭😭😭 Edit: Wow it’s 3 years later now haha! I had my frenectomy done before braces and it didn’t hurt much. I was relieved as it was over with in only 10 mins. It ached a bit afterward so I only ate soft food for a week and did salt water gurgling, and it healed perfectly! Another edit: It’s important to remember that it’s likely to grow back. Mine has partly grown back and if it wasn’t for my fixed retainer, my tooth gap would open. In the future I am going to let my gap reopen because it’s so much hassle to try and keep it closed. Besides, gaps are beautiful!


Your patient has very nice teeth. For one to have their natural secondary teeth for life is amazing and if they can keep them this nice for as long as possible, then that’ll bode well for them into their senior years of life. I appreciate the procedure also. Thank you doc.

Jeremy Bumpermanpub:

Wonderful. I am going for this procedure next week and couldn’t find a single video of it on YouTube, except this one that is. 🤗

Jonella Alafriz:

I got it done today.. It doesnt hurt.. Tiny bit tingle sensation..after that i can already eat anything.. Theres no blood… But when i saw in the mirror didnt thought that was how it done.. it doesnt hurt.. Im content ❤️

natalia Godwin:

I have to get this small surgery soon and I say small but honestly I’m so scared. Mainly for the needle to numb my mouth I can’t deal with injections at AT all I’m a little bit of a baby. 😅😂I only started researching this procedure to put my mind to rest but i think it’s made it worse. 😂