Fixing a broken front tooth with a post, core buildup and crown (after a root canal..)

In this video, I explain how a completely fractured front tooth near the gum line can be restored with a post core buildup and a crown.



Thank you for this simple explanation video. I’m about to go through this next month, on the same tooth as the example, and I’m really nervous.

Joe Pol:

Love your be your patient demo.


Great video.. Post and core /complete restoration done? Reffer to what in termenology in dentistry?
Also what does cutting and shaping is says in dentsit termenology and also process of taking teeth messurment?


wow so this is what the procedure is called i had the temp crown done (had this done a week ago) my question is why use a temporary crown opposed to using the permanent crown?
& why does it take 2-3 weeks (my dentist told me to comeback in 3 weeks)

Ashish AC:

I broke my front teeth while swimming and did root canal similar to the video but after crown my teeth height is bit more (0.5mm) I guess and gap is generated between my front teeths and gap is reduced between adjacent teeth. What shall I do now.
Also after 1 month when I align my front teeth with front bottom teeth with little pressure it pains as that teeth only touches them the other teeth doesn’t touches bottom teeth.
What shall I do now please guide me.
Thank you

Zothansiami Tetei:

After taking a treatment of this tooth broblem,can u still put on a braces?

Sai Priya:

Same problem sir i take treatment thn 10 years complete again i setting in my tooth