Explosive Drainage of Pus from a Dental Abscess

Watch in HD the explosion of pus that comes from an infected and abscessed lower molar tooth.


Mrs. October:

Watching these videos because I’m in terrible pain and want to imagine the relief that these patients feel.


Had an abscess similar recently, the pressure is so intense and agonising. I pressed on it and it drained and it was the most euphoric feeling.

A. Nihal Burak:

I experienced this exact situation three days ago. Same pain location, same tooth. Horrible pain. Thank God for my dentist 🙏!!


I got a huge infection in my upper gums, which I didnt notice at first. After a few days of it getting slowly bigger, one day I found the thing bulging in one spot. So, I poked it. Pus and blood immediately shot out and covered a surprisng amount of the mirror. Took qauite a while to drain it all. Went to the dentist and he said I didn’t need to do anything else, i had drained it completely. It wasn’t an abscess, it was just a rather huge gum infection. My teeth were fine.


Had an infection like this when i was about 10 years old. Went to the dentist, they “numbed” me up, and i put that in quotes because even though they tried to numb it, i still felt every single bit of pain, that’s how bad the infection was. Basically in the end, even though i was yelling and screaming they pulled my tooth out and i felt every bit of it. They didn’t drain it at all or wait for the infection to maybe go down at all. Probably one of the worst experiences of pain I’ve ever had.


My abscess infection, from the back molar/buccal, spread to my cheek, jaw, neck and throat. It gave me sepsis. I had to have two and a half hours of what the surgeons called “emergency, major evasive surgery and two dental drains stitched to my cheek”. The doctors and surgeons had no idea how severe it was. The surgeon said that if I’d of left it had been left another 24 hours then I would most certainly be dead. The thing is, I had already had one course of antibiotics for it before I got admitted to hospital, but it made no difference. It took just 5 days for the sepsis to take hold. I’m still recovering after a two week stay in hospital. I’ve been home a few days now. I had IV antibiotics in the hospital, as well as being on a weeks worth now. Im still feeling pretty groggy though. They said it can take weeks, maybe even months, before I start to feel 100% again.

Zombie Girl 92:

Had a large abscess like this after getting my 3rd molars removed. It hurt so bad, and popped while I was asleep the day before I was to visit my orthodontist. The taste was the worst taste ever, almost like someone else threw up in MY mouth. It only drained part way, and I got the rest flushed and cleaned out today. It feels so much better. The worst part of the procedure was the needle to numb the area, after that it was like a breeze.


I had absecced front tooth for years. It had became chronic. It spilled pus from the root regularly. It was on a necrotic state due to injury I got when I was younger so it was not very painful at all. I suffered from hard dentist phobia and embarrasment so I did not go to dentist until eventually. Thankfully it did not kill me, I did not have a clue that it could be really dangerous. They tried to safe it with root canal and eventually with a root resection but the infection never got away. I got it pulled and now I got an implant on it. After that I changed my oral hygiene habits and I get regular checks. My teeth are now in good condition, no cavities in my last check. A lot of money, sweat and pain has gone to my teeth but finally they are well.