Endodontics | Traumatic Injuries | NBDE Part II

In this video, we talk about traumatic injuries ranging from horizontal root fracture to avulsion and how to treat them in a clinical setting. Thanks for watching!


Ramandeep Kaur:

U r exceptionally amazing,,u have made things very easy to understand,,,I can see many of Ur videos continuously without a snap,,,,keep doing great work ,,, thanks a lot ,,god bless u immensely👍👍👍

Rita Channo:

hello dr. Ryan! the ADA has made some modification in relation to the sequence of best to worst storage media for an avulsed tooth:
5- water
wonderful video as always, thank you for everything you do!

Logan Harmon:

First of all, thanks for these videos! Has the Ellis classification changed since your last video? The other video on Ellis classifications you referenced is posted as somewhat different with class V being avulsion, class VI being root fracture with or without loss of crown structure, and class VII being displacement of tooth without fracture of crown or root. However, this video only has up to class VI and it has class V as luxation (not avulsion). Will you clarify which is correct for the NBDE?


Hey Ryan, is the prognosis of the open apex tooth in case of avulsion better that closed apex? cause you are mentioning that if it’s been over an hour of EADT, you need to consider implant?

Adriana Zambrano:

Hey Ryan thanks again for your videos!!.. they are so helpfull.. I have a question.. the calcific metamorphosis will resolve with an internal bleaching or what would be the treatment?

Raul Betancourt:

Thank you for this video ryan , I only have one question what would the ideal treatment for external resorption be? , I think it doesn’t have any but I’m not completely sure.

Dr. Amro Khier:

Hey Ryan thank you so much for these videos. Whats the name of the video where you talked about ellis classification?

Mother Ship:

thank you Dr Ryan im watching your videos while reading Mosby’s

Berfim Gökcan:

I saw greentea and propolis as excellent storage mediums in a research… Learned weird stuff to tell my patients haha. Thanks for the video!