Endodontics | Root Canal Treatment | NBDE Part II

In this video, we talk about non-surgical endodontic treatment including access preparation, cleaning and shaping the canal, irrigation, and obturation. Thanks for watching!


Fadi Hajouan:

Thank you, doctor Ryan!
Such a great lecture, you made it so logical and easier to me.

R K Haritha:

Thank you Dr. Ryan for a comprehensive version of root canal treatment. Your videos are easy to comprehend. Keep going!!

Jeff Kendall:

Thanks so much for your videos! They are amazing! One thing I did notice in this video though is at 7:06 when talking about the canals of the mandibular molars, you say the distal root usually has 2 canals, but the diagram correctly shows the two canals in the mesial root.

Gülden Palta:

First time i can understand a topic in endodontics ,thanks doctor 💪 i love studying because of you

Gauri Olambe:

It was amazing..i understood every single thing you explained…plz do share more such videos with us..thank a lot

Dental Dmd:

dr ryan thank you for the amazing videos. one question, doesn’t file size 15 for example mean that the diameter is 0.15mm, at a 1mm distance from the tip? rather than at the tip please?

Marie Mamar:

this is the most explanatory video ive watched so far ….. thank u so much and i will look forward to more videos


Dear Dr. Ryan, The access opening for a mandibular molar is trapezoidal in shape
A- To establish straight-line access
B- Due to the shape of the crown
C- To include any remnants of pulp horns within the access opening
D- To facilitate the final restoration of the access opening
(you have mentioned both A and D in the first slide, which would be the best response)?
Thank you so much!