Endodontics | Pulpal and Periapical Diagnoses | NBDE Part II

In this video, we cover the official pulpal and periapical diagnosis classifications of the AAE. Thanks for watching!



dental students in this generation are so lucky. there’s no way they will fail the boards. God bless you mental dental!


You’re literally saving our dental online classes <3

Sanj p:

Pulp and periappical diseases have always confused me no much, thank you so much for explaining it so well. loving all your lectures <3

Kevin Clive:

Just a quick note to let you know that you are a legend and a HERO Ryan! Thank you for all of the work you put into these videos. You are awesome!


These are explained so well and these similar sounding pathologies are simplified for high yield content. Really helpful. Thank you this!


Thank you for posting a great lecture. Please add ‘previously initiated,’ ‘ previously treated’ to pulpal diagnosis, and ‘condensing osteitis’ to periapical diagnosis.

Anmol Dixit:

Great video! I watch your videos even after clearing my boards , just to keep refining my concepts. Thanks Dr Ryan !

Urvi Mehta:

Hey Dr. Ryan, thanks for the wonderful video. I had a question regarding EPT. Is it contraindicated in recently erupted primary teeth?


Dr. Rayn thank u so much!! 👌👌
Doc I have a query even cold test is also a pulp sensitivity test and not a vitality test… But you everyone says it’s better than thermal and EPT
And how does it differ from them
Pls can u help me with this doc🥺