Endodontics | Pulp Biology and Tooth Pain | NBDE Part II

Welcome to our next video series for board exam preparation–Endodontics! In this video, we will cover the components of the dental pulp and how tooth pain is carried via the pulpal nerves.


Leonardo N. Shin:

Being a foreing dentist and taking an exam in your second language is not easy, but thanks to Dr. Ryan and his [insert all the greatest adjectives in here] channel I passed the INBDE. Thank you very much!! You’re an awesome professional and even a better person.

Ayoola Peter:

Great videos Dr Ryan thank you for the very detailed explanation and guidance. I really appreciate you. I am currently preparing to take my indbe exams next month.

RJ Zapanta:

Hey Ryan, I am a foreign dentist that wants to challenge Dentistry here in the US. Thank you so much for making all these videos!

Tam Luong:

Thank you for your videos. They are extremely helpful. They make me remember knowledge so much easier.


Could you do a video possibly discussing whether to undertake a RCT treatment in one session or do a multi session treatment?

Fadi Hajouan:

This is wonderful! Many many many thanks! Hope to see more of Endodontics videos and treatments.👍👍👍🍀🍀

nguyen my:

Dr. Ryan, your videos are the main resource to save me. Please make videos about formation of enamel matrix, dentin and periodontium. I wanna cry because I cannot understand when I read my book. 😭😭


Hi, can an asymptomatic pulpitis in the left upper jaw cause trigegeminal neuralgia ? The tooth is pain-free but there is a dull long lasting pain above the left ear and facial spasms in the jaw, nose and eye. Are these two connected?