Endodontics | Procedural Complications | NBDE Part II

In this video, we talk about procedural complications including ledges, instrument separation, and perforation. Thanks for watching!


Laura Bello:

Dr. Ryan, I am preparing for the INBDE with your videos. Thank you SO MUCH! I love them.

Egor Valkov:

Dr. Ryan, you sir are awesome. Thank you so much for these amazing videos!


Hi Dr. Ryan, thanks for the super informative video! I had 3 questions:
What is the difference between a strip and root perforation?
Is immediate pain, hemorhaaging a sign for any of the types of perforations?
what is coronal flaring?
Thanks so much!!!

Mahboobeh Mirzaei:

Thank you so much Dr. Ryan. I love all of your videos. I am a D2 dental student and I haven’t started any endo course yet. But I love this specialty and that’s why I started learning about it and I found your videos very very helpful. Would you please recommend an endo book for me to start? Thanks,

rafat saiyed:

You are helping so many dentists dr. You are so kind.Thanks a lot. 😇


Thank you so much for the videos. I just had a quick question regarding your thought process when deciding to do a root canal treatment in one session or multiple visits? Thanks


What’s the difference between strip perforation and root perforation

Kenny G:

Hi Dr. Ryan, which has a better prognosis, transportation or perforation through furcation?