Endodontics | Adjunctive Endodontic Treatment | NBDE Part II

In this video, we cover vital pulp therapies including pulpotomies and apexogenesis as well as other adjunctive procedures we may have missed in the previous videos. Thanks for watching!


Nayan Patel:

Thank you so much for doing these videos for us! Really appreciate it! Watching all these videos for NBDE II (taking on March 8, 2021) is my primary method for preparing for this exam. Finally, I am clear on the difference between Apexification and Apexogenesis! Thank you a ton Dr. Ryan and may God bless you!!

utkarsh parashar:

I just found these videos a few days back! These are awesome. Helping me in quick revision. Is there any way to get ppts/pdfs of these lectures? Thank u so much for all the help!

Andrew Mouro:

I have heard different stances on use of formocresol in pulpotomy protocol. Current literature seems to indicate this is no longer the acceptable treatment. Is this still the technique of choice for boards questions?


Thank you for your videos, really helpful. Can you please explain a little bit about types of root resorption if this is important for the board exams.

Pricila Lopez:

Thank you for doing these videos your making online school better due to the quarantine.

Paul Richter:

I really like your videos. Will there be an update with Bioceramics vs MTA vs CaOH with pulp capping?

Payal Sharma:

Hey Dr Ryan… you are a saviour. I love your videos. 💙
I have one doubt… is indirect pulp capping and direct pulp capping done in primary teeth and permanent immature tooth only?


Dear Dr. Ryan,
I was taught that Direct pulp cap is indicated for any mechanical exposure and not carious exposure. If it is involving caries, the infected tissue will result in pulpal inflammation and should be removed by pulpotomy. @8:00 minutes in the video, it mentioned carious exposure. Kindly validate my understanding. Thank you!

ghada 287:

hey dr rayan thanks for the video .. I just have one question regarding pulpotomy .. the indication for pulpotomy in the NBDE2 student to student book is irreversible pulpitis in primary tooth..and contra indication in other texts for pulpotomy is symptomatic tooth my question is how could irreverisble pulpitis be an indication and one of its feature is sponatneous pain which means that the tooth is symptomatic?