DRY SOCKET – Infection after tooth extraction: causes and treatment

What is a dry socket? Why does it happen ? How long does it last? Which is the treatment?


Jason Jasniewski:

I had one after an impacted wisdom tooth extraction. I followed the dentist instructions and still ended up with one. Horrible pain. Worst Ive ever had. I went back and he had what looked like a ribbon of something like stiff cloth that was soaked with pain killer. He rolled it up tight and shoved it in the hole. Instant relief! It lasted for about a week and it hurt like hell when he removed it and almost puked. 🤣

Palmetto NDN:

I had one of these. It was terrible. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life and I’ve had numerous broken bones, a case of COVID-19 that I barely survived, and I’ve been stabbed in the gut. Broken sockets are the worst. FOLLOW YOUR DENTIST’S INSTRUCTIONS!

Flaming Bridges:

I’ve had 3 teeth extracted over the years and luckily I didn’t get dry socket. But it always worries me. I have a tooth that may need to be removed. In all honesty I’d rather have it removed than get a root canal done. Someone where I work had her wisdom teeth removed and all of them ended up with dry socket.


50-years ago they told patients to “keep the socket clean” and even handed out flush syringes. Which of course caused dry sockets. Treatment was simply to flush the socket, and pack it with paper stripping soaked in Clove Oil (now called Eugenol). This was done for three days. There was no curettage done. Pain relief was immediate after the first treatment.

Ben Williams:

I has a wisdom tooth removed and got dry socket. It was the worst week of my life. The pain was worse than anything I have er experienced and I didn’t sleep for a week. Even mega painkillers didn’t even touch it! It was worse than broken bones by a long way. It’s pain beyond pain that is in your head and face there is nothing you can do about it for a whole week. Breathing is scary as every breath you take goes across those nerves and makes it twenty times worse for a split second. Every breath is torture.

Pro Token420:

Had a tooth removed last Friday, been trying to be careful on what I eat, thank God for soft foods like Greek yogurt, dealing with slight pain, but not enough to be a sign of dry socket and it is now day 4, luckily I haven’t had bad pain, it stings a little bit, but not enough to be full blown pain


that is why people when the dentist tells you not to eat certain things or do certain things while you are healing from a tooth removal and gives a list of what you should do you should do them. i had to eat nothing but lukewarm soup for a week and a half and it sucked! but my mouth healed up well and i didn’t have any complications.

r field:

2years ago as a diabetic I had a tooth out I Ask the dentist if I need antibiotics he said no. Two weeks later I could hardly breath or stand up. I went to A&e it was infected needed intravenous antibiotics then was given specially antibiotics it said for people with septics and tooth infections. No follow up from dentist who sent me to hospital or hospital. Six months. Later I’m at the dentist he starts cursing the infection is still there but it was covered by something so it was okay till they get the tooth out or I should wait for it to start healing. He thought waiting was better saw another dentist who said taking out the teeth would remove the infection. Then covid happened no dentist for over a year. went back on diabetic meds in January saw dentist in April the infection started to heal quite well, having the tooth extracted tomorrow. If I as a layman knew as a diabetic I need to ask about antibiotics why as a dentist he didn’t think I didn’t need it. He was NHS. The second opinion guy was private and caused me a lot of money. Back to the Nhs guy tomorrow


Day 9 since the extraction. Guys you can eat food just try to not eat it near the extraction site. Still eat cold foods near the extraction. Dont eat hard sticky crunchy foods. I’ve eaten pancakes, Salisbury steak, peas, yogurt, applesauce, icecream, popsicles, noodles and I’ve been fine. Just make sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth off with warm salt water.

RyanlovesWaxnDabs420 710:

i got 3 wisdom teeth removed on the 1st so far im doing good im doing all the rules i was tripin a bit because i dident know what dry socket lookd or felt like but i realiesd that im still good no pain no smell just good vides ima wait at least a month before hardcore smoking just do the rules guys and you would know if you had dry socket people say immense pain so ima listen to them cheers