Dental Implants VS Tooth bridge – Comparison

3D video of Clinica Médico Dental Pardiñas about the comparison between a dental implant and a treatment with a tooth bridge.


Abaddon MacArthur:

Basically, The implant is less risky, but more expensive while the bridge is cheaper, but less effective and the cost could eventually exceed that of an implant. There is also the problem that bridges can sometimes involve healthy tooths, which worsen over time whenever a new bridge is required. I always felt off with the idea of bridges and it took me over 7 months to finally save enough to get my two implants.
Edit: My tooths were measured, and it was set to another business to create the tools specific to my implant, I paid all costs, and the dentist told me that they will call me once they arrive so he can implant them. They called me once it arrived and asked me to pay for “continuation fees for $500” which was not mentioned before, and made nonsense. I can’t find information about a “continuation fee” related to dentists on all sites I have searched. And I truly don’t trust the dentist to tell me the truth.

Carel Sacramento:

I had my fixed bridge fro over 10 years and my new set will be installed tomorrow. I never had issues with it and even my dentist told me that it still looks great. Don’t be scared to go for fixed bridge or crowns because of his video. Unless there’s an underlying issues with the bone, I don’t think this will happen to anyone.


Ok idk if anybody can give me advice. I have this exact issue, missing that exact tooth in between 2 good teeth. However, the dentist claims that I need the bridge to cover 4 (2 good, the gap, and the final good tooth) because it’d be more sturdy if i use an extra tooth, but in any case, my insurance wont cover the 4th tooth. So i would have to pay $1000 out of pocket. Should i just do the 3 teeth or take their advice and do the 4?? i dont know how i feel about them scraping down my good teeth

Stressless Mailing:

Do not remove your teeth. Keep if you can it’s better than dentures or implants don’t rush if you are not sure. Many dentists don’t do their job as an art as they should the shape and the size of theeth matters.
every time someone smiles you’ll notice, it’s not the patient fault but the dentists. I wish all the dentists do their job as an art and as if it was their teeth but there are very few out there. I hope everyone would find one.

Cam Jie:

Dentists always recommends fixed bridge over dental implant coz they know that you will be surely go back to them to refix the bridge. Fixed bridge has more disadvantage than dental implant. the gums tends to pull back due to bone lost after tooth extraction and it will make a gap between the false teeth and the gum itself. For me dental implant way too expensive but more practical than bridge coz its permanent and you will only do it once. but again, not all can be a candidate for dental implant. In order to have a dental implant, you must have a healthy and strong bones to support the screw and the false teeth. If you have unhealthy gums, it must be treated first and realigned to have a perfect fit of the dental implant tooth.

Lori England:

Wow looks terrifying. I am getting my front left tooth done. I have a flipper, without the retainer its lasted 3 years. Now is decaying the dentist retired and did me a favor and just attached it to the nub that was left. I have a live nerve still to this day.And cant get no one to fix it because of the live nerve. They say Implant. And a root canal, which is 1500 dollars more on account of the live nerve.But can’t they just pull it all out cheaper?


I feel like the dentist just wants you to get that very expensive implant. That most insurance companies won’t cover a lot of the cost.

kanchana kannoly:

Once I implanted one teeth. After nine years the implanted tooth with two of adjacent teeth left from place. Then now i lost three teeth instead of one.