Dental Implant Procedure (Medical 3D Animation)

How is a dental implanted step by step and what advantages does it have compared with a dental bridge.


Zayn Umar:

Thank God for modern dentistry and technology. Unfortunately lost my front main top tooth , (main smile area) in a horrific accident in November 2019. Thank God and the dentist’s, my teeth are normal now after successful dental implant. It was a long and painful process, but so lucky it’s all done

Liberty Prime:

Losing a tooth can affect your whole life. Especially while golfing.

SAYTHEWORD – Largest Medical Pronunciation Channel:

Nice animation and very informative. Helped a lot!


Is there supposed to be a flap of loose gum hanging over the hole where the implant was placed? I haven’t had any pain but two adjacent teeth are kind of sore when chewing. The stitches fell out but what worries me is that flap flesh which looks similar to the hanging down part of the tonsil. It feels loose And weird, I’m afraid that part is supposed to be attached. The surgery is painless probably won’t even need pain pills but It’s still a nightmare to have to get an implant… It costs a small fortune $4000-5000 for one tooth! It’s not even a major surgery only takes about an hour why is it so expensive! Also the healing… 4 months! Please take care of your teeth ppl bc it’s nothing fun about needing dental surgery

Sharad Ranjangoankar:

it’s so illogical to place implant for missing tooth when bridge option is available.
will you fix implant for humerus or femur bone


I have to get a tooth removed due to severe cavity and in about 2 years i’ll be getting an implant to replace it

De W:

Ha just make sure your teeth is correct or you might just need this yourself, even if one’s teeth has an overbite, misaligned, gaps, space, rotten, disproportionate, crooked, crowded, ha or a bottom tooth hanging out your mouth🤔💯🤦🏽‍♀️!!…


Why does it cost so much to have your mouth fixed?. I 38 and I just lost 2 baby teeth. Now my big tooth is growing in on onside and it hurts and knocking my teeth all around.. not that I would want fake teeth but just get them fixed