Dental Cleaning to remove heavy tartar🦷. 【Young Male first cleaning】

Dental cleaning for a patient with severe calculus buildup. A routine cleaning is recommended every six months. I hope you find it satisfying.



Watching these vids makes me so excited to go back to work tomorrow! Been a hygienist for 8½ years 😊

Danny Simion:

That was very satisfying watching you clean those buildup. Im sure a lot of us don’t like dentist but its worth visiting to get your clean going. I hope this patient feels good and more confident now with better teeth. Those are some hard build up but so fun to watch. Great video. More pls!!

Jasmine Mendez:

I had a small amount removed today with a routine cleaning and wanted to see what it looked like. I had no where near as much as he did and I feel like I have a new mouth 😂. So I know he felt so much better afterwards.

Emmett Riley:

It’s still hard to believe that he has teeth left. I didn’t let calculus build up on my teeth, and I still lost too many early. I guess it’s called hereditary. I was cavity susceptible


Its hard to think that people won’t even scrape that junk away with their finger nails after a time + it pains me to see someone with decent teeth not take care of them

Margaret Hutchins:

He is lucky to find a dentist to clean it all off my dentist tells me my teeth will be too sensitive if I had all the tartar removed.

Ballers Cove:

He actually has a nice set of teeth. nice tooth to gum ratio, little to no gaps between his teeth. he just has to take care of those gums before it’s too late.
great job cleaning them btw!!


Man i feel sorry for that guy. I bet that stuff hurt his gums… I have a condition thst makes my mouth kinda fall apart. My gums, tounge and lips rip open for no reason, get inflamed and hurt like hell. The blood reminded me when i try to brush my teeth in peace… I hope the guy feels better now.
Also, yes i do brush my teeth. As said, it’s a condition and my dentist said it was abnornal. My teeth were are all healthy, but my gums, tounge and lips weren’t. Soon i visit a doctor to get a closer look at it and finally find a solution :’) because i have that problen since i was very little and i can’t eat with a rashed and cut open tounge