Dental caries removal and esthetic restoration with composite

The MOST artistic satisfying video by dentist removing dental decay and step by step composite filling procedure.



seeing this gives me hope for my teeth and I’m gonna go in and get all this work done so my teeth don’t ache anymore

Andreas Dagher:

Wonderful work very professional!
And great result especially esthetically

12345 12345:

One of few very nice videos on posterior restorations.. No doubt its rank 1 on caries removal!
Very nice work and great quality of the video👍
Would like to see more videos on anterior restorations if possible

David Benitez:

This looks cool and satisfyng at the same time.😍


this actually make me chill, I’ve been scared to go to the dentist because I get anxious a lot and this actually makes me feel a lot more comfortable to go

Maximus Nongrum:

Having decay tooth is so much a problem but when you watch such videos in youtube with different cases and the horrific music they made its scary to go fix your tooth the next day


What do you do if you went to the dentist for a filling and I can’t drink cold water or ice cream without my teeth hurting? Like every time I eat cold stuff my teeth hurt (not all my teeth tho only the one where I got my filling witch is the last tooth the fat one)


i have a small cavity on/above gum line. my dentist said need crown . can it be fixed by composite?
thank you