Dental bridges explained (False teeth alternative)

What are dental bridges? Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains this alternative option to replace 1 or more missing teeth.


Zenaida Persic:

my husband needs a 4 unit bridge, i agree with this video, irts somewhat comforting to know about how bridges for teeth are made

Dandie doing things:

Great channel . I got a bridge fitted just under two years ago and it just fell out. I was experiencing pain leading up to it falling out and ended up needing root canal on the two anchor teeth . It’s back in now but he used temp cement ‘just in case ‘ . It cost me 2.5k in Scotland. I’m really worried that she shouldn’t have did this to so large a gap

abhishek sharma:

Hello @Electric Teeth , I recently had a 3 unit
bridge on lower incissors , I was missing one congentially . My dentist did root canals on my two abutment teeths which were perfectly fine(without any cavity) before cutting them and installing bridge . But I am reading online that it’s not compulsary to do . So I am wondering why did he did that , Are there some advantages of it if we do the RCT before ? or did he just do it to make some money ? I am really feeling bad knowing I have destroyed my other fine teeths as well. Would RCT treated teeth cause problem in future ?

Mr Justice:

i dont have a molar, the other molar behind has alot of metal and the teeth forward needs a root canal. in this case the bridge is best alternative right, cause the other tooths are not in perfect condition. thanks for insight dr, also you dont have to do surgery?


Sometimes i dream about removing my ceramic bridge it’s like my brain want to take it off.
One dentist recommended me to kill the nerve of the teeth that are holding my bridge, but my dentist the one who put the bridge on me didn’t recommend the nerve kill
What should I do? Is killing the nerve of the teeth bad for them?

Qamar Ghraba:

Hello doctor, my front tooth got extracted and now i need a bridge (implant is not an option for my condition) but the gap where my extracted tooth was is big in that case do you need to shave all the front teeth or just the two beside the missing tooth?

Dragon Lore:

2015 When i lost my front tooth my self esteem drained so much that i dropped out college now in 2020 i made a extra money and excited for my second session to have teeth bridge in my front tooth 🙂 I feel so excited hope it works weel

Eowynn Nen:

Hi. I have 2 missing teeth in front due to an accident. I’ve been wearing a denture and my dentist advised I can get a fixed bridge for it. She said I should get my 2 teeth (that will be the abutment teeth) to undergo root canal first before they put the bridge. I am concerned because my those 2 teeth are both doing good, so why do I have to get it root canaled first? 🙁 In my understanding, root canal is treating the nerves of a tooth. Why do I need it when both of my teeth are healthy? 🙁


I have my temporary bridge put in today. It’s honestly painful and my face looks like it’s starting to swell 😭 it’s horrible. It’s 1am and keeping me up