Dental bone graft for implants – Block Bone grafting ©

3D video of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas about block bone graft, a procedure to regenerate bone and allow a correct dental implant placement.


Tashae Streeter:

Awesome video, especially for visual learners!

joelincoln Lincoln:

I did bone graft implant same time it took 5 minutes. No pain until novacaine wore off at home at which point one pain .Ed for 4 hours of duration eliminated the pain. Next day felt like I got hit with elbow day before. So minimal stiffness no actual pain I was shocked I watched all the videos and dreaded it all and was little annoyed it took 5 minutes and no pain


Aww thank you science for discovering this such a relief for my missing canine


I do it myself. You still be numb when the flipper goes in so you don’t feel any discomfort. When the medication wears off it’s just a lil soreness.

sandra wright:

Just had this done a few days ago I’m glad I waiting until after to watch this

Diane Greene:

I had a bone graft. Was losing tooth due to bone loss. Had cadaver bone transplant, implant and crown in permanent fixation. Three years later I was right back where I started. Lost the implanted tooth due to bone loss. I wish I had questioned my dentist and the endodontist more about outcomes. Looking back it seems obvious that if I lost bone there I would lose it again. So think hard before you take the implant route. I try to forget the money, time and pain I paid.


Hello. I would like an idea of how much it will cost for me to get implants. All my upper teeth are gone and I have about 7 teeth left on my jaw. I was told several years ago that I have some bone loss. I would finally get this done.

Jan Marc Darrelle Sabeniano:

I have the same case and I consult every dentist till I find an endodontist who want to save my tooth and avoid extraction. He restore my tooth to the finest and it looks and feels natural. It’s expensive though but dental implant is more expensive. So think twice.