Dental Assistant Training: Suctioning


Dana McCall:

The pen grip with HVE taxes very weak muscles, especially when trying to retract buccal tissues. Use a Jack The Ripper, stabbing grip which offers a lot of power while maintaining excellent control.

sandi 14:

OMG I just started working this week as DA and boy it’s alot to keep up with, it’s so different when you have to do it for real then in school, especially when they only train you for two days then they leave you in your own 😌

R E:

Wow I’ve been a dental assistant for 26 years this is a total Overkill I can guarantee you that not very many offices are going to make you wear a disposable gown and put sanitizer on your hands this is really ridiculous

Marisela Padilla:

It’s hard auctioning when the dentist doesn’t let you see cus they’re all over with the hand mirror & high speed & gives me anxiety seeing the patient have so much water in their mouth & the dentist won’t let you suction properly cus they want to finish the procedure fast. & it’s hard to retract the tongue & auctioning at the same time & passing the instruments while retracting the tongue

Leah Sexton:

Im learning this in school now. Im left handed. I just found out I have to suction right handed and pass instruments with my left hand as they did in the video. It feels so awkward because I want to use my left hand…. Hopefully its something I can get used to. But does it mess the dentist up if I were to use my left hand instead of my right hand? Im just curious why they insist on the right hand lol.

Fredrich II Baysa:

Hi! Im so interested about this.
I am a secondary education graduate, is it possible for me to get this job?
I am willing to have some trainings


My dentist does all the suctioning and triplex, I wish I could do it looks fun. We work a little different I think. We also out all tool on the tray and have it next to him so that he grabs them himself. Instead of me handing him stuff all the time once it’s already on the tray. Anyone else work like this?