Consequences of not replacing missing teeth

Which are the problems derived from not replacing missing teeth?


Tar Heel Speighty:

For those who are asking why fixing your teeth is so expensive, it’s because they know how vain we are as human’s and how society looks down on people with dental problems like you’re either on drugs or have bad hygiene. When in reality, some people are born with soft enamel and other problems that cause the same problems. It’s a racket. These implants are overpriced. It’s bull shit they do us like this.


My dentist here in NYC told me that overseas dentists have more experience and are able to do better work than American dentists. Here in America people are quick to sue dentists so they’re afraid to touch their patients. He said he had colleague dentists who go overseas to get more training that are done in hospitals, then they come back with confident hands. For someone who needs major work done like complete restoration, it’s worth it to get it done overseas. Do your research, of course.

Al Hanouf:

I have lost the same tooth that shown in the first clip, in both sides! So I got 2 molars pulled when I was only 15 and now I’m 19. I feel really bad that I lost my natural teeth because of my bad habits

Little TwinS:

I have missing tooth at the same spot and the upper tooth has already extruded. But implant is too expensive that my plan doesnt cover much. The bridgework is cheaper, but you have to have used two anchor teeth to support the middle tooth, once one the anchor teeth compromised, you lose all three. No way.


I have 3 missing teeth but I can’t do anything at all because it s way too expensive. I’ve checked several plans but the price is through the roof. they seriously need to make this cheaper somehow


If a tooth falls out because there is nothing below it to put pressure on it, chances are you have a big problem involving the bone above your teeth, the roots, etc. This is also just a way to coerce people into buying more implants. It scares them by giving them false info. And again, most people can’t afford to replace a tooth. Even dentures are a bit expensive for some people.

Noko Momo:

I had one tooth removed. The tooth behind it took its place and my wisdom tooth took that tooth’s place so all’s good.

Apoc Cooking:

I want to get my tooth replaced but honestly I doubt I’ll ever be able to because I’ll be paying for other shit like rent, groceries, gas, etc.
I lived in Maine for a bit and due to some faulty dentistry, I lost a filling. Few years later, the tooth started slowly chipping out. When I was 18, I had to crack the remaining piece off and yank it out with wire and pliers. Point of irony, I found out through some careful math that if my parents had dropped alcohol for three years when the tooth first lost a piece, they’d have had the money to pay for it to be fixed. But hey, I guess rum is more important than kids.