Caries removal with Brix 3000 enzymatic gel

Step by step of the caries removal with Brix3000, the new enzymatic technology for non traumatic caries removal.


priyanshu gandhi:

It seems this treatment is very time consuming also it can’t be used in a case where tooth has a pit n fissure caries in top region but extands inside in conical fashion. In that case we will have to drill and open up the area


Cool — But you’re gonna drill to remove the undermined enamel anyway, so why not just go for it?

Amit Bajaj:

Looks like the operator is using the flip side of the excavator thereby not excavating effectively

Timpson Sampson:

Where is this dentist, I have a similar broken tooth with a cavity


Paediatric dentistry applications/ anxious patients 😊😊

Mallow Gacha:

POV ur watching this because: A: Ur a dentist and u don’t know how to get rid of cavities so ur watching this
B: Ur a parent trying to convince ur child to brush their teeth
C: Ur trying to convince urself to brush ur teeth.

Aravind s:

I purchased it and used it but not able to remove the Black caries waste Rs 5000 for 3ML tube