CANKER SORE – Treatment and mouth ulcer causes

Canker sores are one of the most common oral conditions. This condition is known, colloquially, as sores or mouth ulcers.


Janice Gloster:

I think they come from fluctuations in the immune system, especially after skipped meals, nights of poor sleep, too much alcohol, a serious illness, stress or injury, or a medication that depresses immunity. Get plenty of sleep, drink vitamin enriched smoothies – milk-based and protein boosted and consume healthy soups, like lentil. Swirl coconut oil a few minutes and swallow in between eating to ease pain and use baking soda in lukewarm water as a mouth wash to ease pain as well. Fatty milk like half and half as a soother can be a godsend. Just hold some in your mouth awhile before swallowing. Hope these tips help.

Annafi Abr:

Basically from what I understand is the “root” that appears inside the hole (ulcer), is the pain receptor that we all felt just like a sharp knife blade piercing through your gums when foods get inside or salt or spicy sauce, it hurts so bad! It’s like your whole mouth being stabs with sharp needle!

sona nana:

I am sufferings from mouth ulcer form last 15 years. But now I am able to control them a little. Hope my experience will help some people.
This problem mainly come from –
Green chilli (all types including even capsicum ) you should not have them even they are not spicy. Package food – Any type of food which come in packed from- chips, Milk, Cooldrink – can be anything. Proper sleep – sleep early in the night and avoid afternoon sleep. Try to leave tension free life. Sugar – No sugar food – Specially chocolate, Avoid fruit juice (But can have fruits). If you fellow this life style then mouth ulcer will not come. Please help other people with this info.

Aliya Navarro:

I experienced the worst sore at the inner corner of my tongue (next to a sharp tooth). Eating was hell. I literally had to eat with my head tilted at the side and it was torture whenever I tried to speak. It was so painful I had to shut up for two weeks. I hope it won’t happen to any of you


CAC Rama tail is an ayurvedic preparation for oral ulcers containing clove oil, fennel seeds, cumin, etc. These ingredients show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cooling, carminative, & immuno-modulator. The use of this oil on mouth ulcers gives a cooling effect.

Blade of Despair:

Lol one time i got 4 of these and the 2 were big my lips were sooo dry bc i was afraid to even move my tounge bc it would hurt so much so my lips didnt get enough saliva and when its eating time my mind goes “ah shit here we go again” and also it lasted for like 3 days and i would say those were 3 days of hell for me