Brackets Time Lapse (13 months)

Music: Ehren Ebbage – We All Have Ghosts

This are my last 13 months with brackets. I’ve a lot more to do until I take them off but i’m enjoying so far! This is what I wanted for a long time!
And I present you with a beatiful song too… Soon I’ll bring the song with the lyrics 🙂


Calmo Omlac:
As a kid/teen i had to wear different braces for 7 years straight. But it was worth it, my teeth are still really good at 39 years old 🙂

Richard Buscemi:
Our teeth are eerily similar, especially on the bottom. I got my braces about two months ago and go for my next appointment in a few weeks. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet obviously, but your video is so promising. Especially considering it’s been only 13 months.

Igor Khvan:
Anyone else finds it extremely satisfying to see the teeth that are farther in move forward in line with rest of the teeth?

A Murder Of Crows:
I’m going to get braces in a month… except mine will have clamps in the back to bring my lower jaw forward. I’ve been told that this is very uncomfortable, but seeing other people get their braces and watching their teeth become perfectly aligned makes it a bit better. My teeth have been clamping together because of a tongue tie and the fact that I don’t have an overbite, but was just born with a small lower jaw. There’s a 7 centimeter difference when I try and rest comfortably, yet I can feel something is wrong… aaaaa

Hi! As a person that has recession on my tooth (gums goes up showing the root of the tooth), I just want to tell you to check your 1st tooth on lower jaw. It looks like your recession is quite big and could be covered, so you won’t have gum infections and so on. Also keeping my fingers crossed for your journey! 🥳💪

Good luck!!
I can’t wait for my braces on 🥰🦷

Fluffy 22:
Got my braces two weeks back , all due to a moved jaw, slight overbite and a canine tooth that is chilling where it shouldn’t be 😀

I have my 1st molar destroyed 90% and it has to be removed or else it will cause infection and rather then getting an artificial tooth doctors thought of filling that space by fixing my lateral incisor which is coming out of my whole jaw by braces. I was kinda nervous about that process but it makes me feel better thanks!

Vinaka Queen:
My teeth were no where near as crowded but back in the mid 70’s the chiropodist decided 6 teeth had to be removed to make room. As a result I have a child like bite and not the best profile. It is wonderful to see that did not happen in this case.

cynthia keller:
Bruh, those were some jacked up teeth! If you haven’t already, thank who ever paid for your braces everyday you smile. You cannot believe the confidence boost this gift has given you for the rest of your life. Like it or not, people do judge you for your teeth even though you are not at fault. Whatever you do, wear your retainer and replace it when your dog chews it up, gets worn out, lost it…

Just remember it can always be worse. my uncle kyle all his teeth are black and he spends prop money everywhere and roams detroit looking for someone to let him get a sample of crack.

Samantha Welsh:
My daughter second front tooth grew in quite far back and the dentist refuses to move it forward.Instead he wants to remove it and shave her canine to look like that tooth. Feel he’s taking the easy way out

bro this gives me hope, I was born with a narrower upper jaw which made my theeth look horrible all thanks to the lack of space, fortunatly I am still young so it wasn’t necessary to do a surgery for expanding it, hope one day I can have a good smile.