Braces off – What happens when you get your braces off – Tooth Time Family Dentistry New Braunfels

Another amazing change! Are you getting your braces off ? check the video out!


Anna Merry:

I’ve had my braces for 7 months now! And I can’t wait to take the off. I only have 3 months left😃 SUPER exited

Brandi Salmon Art:

I’ve had my braces for 3 years and I get them off in two days, beyond excited

Fire Doge:

I’ve had mine off for a little over a month now. I haven’t forgotten a single day or night of wearing my retainer and my teeth look exactly the same as when I got them off. Anyone reading this, make sure to wear your retainer! It’s really easy to remember if you add it into your routine. Cleaning them is quick I just wash them with a mild dish soap that in not scented. Also, no pain whatsoever I felt absolutely 0 pain during the process and my teeth weren’t even sore afterwards. Nothing to worry about if you are about to get your braces off!

Pushti Majmudar:

Can’t wait to get the braces off !!🥺
Btw amazing transformation and beautiful work done by youu guys !! 😍

Boom ‘s:

I had my braces for 36 months and where they got remove i was so nervous (because i have teeth a bit too small) and i thought that my teeth will break 😭 but everything passed well so i’m pretty happy 🙂

Ehsan Jerin:

Braching process is very helpful and it make a great transformation , I have had my braces 6 months now but you guys dont believe it’s effectively works and doctor will take it off after 1 year..waiting for the day with a great excitement….best of luck all of you who are watching this video for braching 👍

Honest Reiewer:

I have my upper braces for 4 months and next week I’m getting my lower ones. The upper one were horrible and now they are almost straight, although i was told they would take 1.5-2 years but to me they look already great

anna ch:

Doc, I just got my braces off!:) I have double retainers. 😄Permanent on both top and bottom and then clear ones to wear at night over them too:))

Mike Mariano:

I only have 5 months left. I’m so excited to get my braces off 😍