BRACES OFF – Step by step orthodontic removal

In this video it’s shown step by step how to remove braces to finish an orthodontic treatment.



Just got my braces removed yesterday, It did not hurt AT ALL! The drill part did not hurt at all also! It’s just the air that’s making it weird. Although, it’s good getting braces off.

leonardo crow:

This is a good motivational video for us midway through this procesa


Imagine walking into the orthodontist and then they start playing this clip before the procedure


My friend had her braces off yesterday after 2 years mine don’t come off for 9 months but I’m preparing myself anyway 😂


I have a day and a half left after 5 years total. Im so excited!

Keerthana Annur:

Even my teeth became yellowish like this after having braces. Will it be cleaned and whitened as part of braces removal process? Please let me know. I’m much worried about it

Evindar Bingol:

hi, great video. What kind of braces are these? I also have them and I stil don’t know why mine are different than the usual ones.

Madison Leonie Sanders:

I’m getting my braces removed tomorrow after having them 8 months and I’m here because I’m scared it will hurt😂

Keira Shipley-Leal:

Looks like that person either didn’t look after they’re teeth well and didn’t brush or they just ate food right before a dentist appointment 😪