[BRACES EXPLAINED] Overbite vs Overjet

In this video I will be answering the question of “what is the difference between overbite and overjet?”



I got my braces yesterday…
It’s not as bad as people say, the pain is just annoying 😂


So informative 😁 My whole life I thought I had an “overbite” I heard my ortho say overjet, to the assistant, at my first appointment but he never explained much of anything. At least I know now from these videos. 👍


Love your videos, really helping understand my braces 🙂 Can you explain a cross bite and the alignment stages? Thanks in Advance! keep up the good videos!

Tamar Opher:

Dr. Greg, thanks for your clear explanatory videos! They’re a great help to me as a concerned mother to an orthodontic patient, especially since our doctor seems to think that I wouldn’t understand his answers to my questions, so he doesn’t really bother with the details…
Could you please explain how braces are used to correct a deep bite with no overjet?

adam khan:

Hello, thank you for the videos they are very informative. I have an overjet of top teeth of around 8mm and some overcrowding of teeth. My lower jaw is further back than the upper jaw. 32 years old and never had braces before. After speaking with a few orthodontists im confused with tooth extractions. I have an appointment to have braces put in next week and the dentist says we will straighten the teeth out and then can look at tooth extraction if im not happy with them pruding out.
If i do not extract the teeth now will the teeth have to be moved further out than they are in order to straighten them? If this is the case i would rather extract the teeth.
This is the third orthodontist i have spoken to and only the first wanted to extract teeth, the second wanted to pull the lower jaw forward and the third is against it.
When i look at my teeth from the fron they dont bother me apart from the crowding or mis alignment. But if i look at them from the side they are buck both top and bottom. They mentioned i have a v shaped arch rather than a u shaped arch and talks about arch development but from some of the reseyi have done i think this will flare them out even further as the only way to straighten them is to pull them forward as there is no space for them to be pulled back. Seems the only way is tooth extraction.
Any advice..? Also the orthodontist said that we can straighten them first and then extract 4 teeth and pull them back if not happy with them just being straightened rather than pulling them out now. But the first orthodontist wanted to pull them right away and the second shy away from it altogether. I didn’t realise they prude out so much till i saw a side shot and i wanted them to be more vertical.

H. Wydler:

Hi Dr. Greg!
I suscribed to your channel a few weeks ago, hoping you would post a video about this topic 🙂 lucky me!
So basically I got braces about 3-4 months ago, I‘ve only had it tightened twice by now. I have a slight over-jet, yet it is still noticeable for someone without much knowledge about teeth.
My dentist said it would take about 9 to11 months to push my teeth in to where they should sit. Yet I feel like that is such a quick time to get such drastic results. I had normal braces as a kid but don’t remember how fast things really went. Do you know if that is a realistic time frame to do anything on anyone’s teeth? Do you have any experiences with over-jets? And is it easy to fix them?
Thanks so much for your help!
Having braces as an adult really sucks 🙁


I’ve been having braces for a year and 3 months now 😩 Probably gonna wear it for 3 years because I havent been wearing my elastics, I have an overbite too 💙 I love these videos !!!!