Braces checkups – 1 year progress – I have 7 months with a tongue crib -Tooth Time Family Dentistry

Are you in braces treatment for over a year but you still don’t have braces on? this might be why:
You need to use an orthodontic appliance as step 1 on your treatment process and then after the appliance made the work you get your braces on! check the video out!


Pedro Ruiz Vega:

At the end it’s always worth it and the process it’s amazing 🥰

Tony Cleveland:

Abby is awesome! So nice and professional. Toothtime does a great job. I’m gonna get my braces or Invisalign done there at some point even if I’m 70.

Sylvia sylvia:

Very satisfying video and nice song . I have mine almost 5 months the only thing that I’m concerned about is that my tongues is getting really pressured by teeth and the shape of the teeth . Is this gonna get better because my doctor is not answering to me clearly 🙁


Hi guys! Is it normal for braces to move a tiny tiny bit?


I’ll be getting my braces next week, is it that painful? I have vampire teeth on the upper. I’m very scared


Hello I have a question if I have spaces between my teeth do I need braces

penguinex penguinex:

I have like 3 more visits to my dentist until they will take mine off