Before and After Braces at The Orthodontic Centre, Palmerston North



It’s interesting how the time it takes for everyone is different despite how far away their teeth are from perfect alignment. Some in the video whose teeth were not too bad took about the same time as those with more horrible teeth, or only a little less time.
I got braces two days ago and I’m really hoping I don’t need to have them on for a full two years, or even longer.

E R R O R_ D E L E T E_:

Dont you just HATE it when you have friends who have perfectly straight teeth and they never got braces they were just born like that cause I DO


I know this girl in my class, not many friends, and has teeth really crooked and stuff. She needs braces but she says her family doesn’t have much money to buy them. She gets bullied a lot for her teeth and her clothes. I feel bad for her. I once yelled at the bullies and told them to stop but they just started calling me pimple face and I started crying. She’s actually a really nice girl though.. I wish I could help her.

Lucas Pernod:

Dam it’s my second day with braces and I want them off now. 20 month to go 😔😀
It’s been 2 month now, they change my wire and now I have elastic 24/7. But I see a lot of changes.


The treatment time doesn’t add up. No way the first one was 25 months, that was around 40 months. Ppl with decent teeth keep their braces for about 20 months alone

Lily King:

So they can fix this in two years but my impacted canine is going to take 4-5+ years…. Life has wronged me

Sim K:

I got braces two months ago and had to have a front lower incisor extracted. I’m so upset because I hate the fact I’m only going to have three teeth at the bottom and it’s not going to look right. My teeth were a tiny bit cramped at the bottom but were my top ones were straight and tiny teeth weren’t bad. It was either getting 4 molars out or the one incisor and I regret getting it taken out but my orthodontist said there was no other option. There’s a huge gap that’s still not closed after this whole time and my teeth have aligned already. There would’ve been space for the tooth and I really feel like there was no need to take out a healthy tooth. I’m in the UK so my braces were free, they don’t really put much effort in if they’re free, they just want to get it done