Before & After Braces -Time Lapse – 2 Years & 18 Days


This is such a satisfying video. As a person with braces I can’t tell you how much these results melt my heart

Elaine Howard:
I watched my daughter who had to wear braces for over 2 years, she even had to have a tooth pulled from the roof of her mouth. She went from a shy girl who rarely smiled to a young adult who beams her smile. It’s so amazing how braces are able to give people there confidence and there smiles. Yours is a beautiful smile. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

Harrell Smith:
How many people thought he was going to get that tooth pulled on the upper right

I just had my braces 2 days ago, and my confidence is on the floor so I need to watch these types of videos to make me trust the process ❤

Charles Lalawigan:
Bruh, these guys are so lucky to have their parents being concerned with their teeth. I want to have braces so bad but I can’t afford one haha.

Mrs Mars:
I was so excited to find this video. My 10 yr old son just got braces the week of spring break and he had really been down about it. He wouldn’t smile or show anyone his teeth. I showed him your video and now he’s REALLY excited about what his outcome is going to be like and he’s taking pics of his journey as well. Your smile is AWESOME! Thank you for the inspiration! 😁❤️❤️❤️

I’ve had my braces for almost a year. Almost ready for my jaw surgery. I love seeing these results. You look amazing. 🙌🏻

Scott Hopgood:
Such an amazing result , well done 👌👍
I’m getting braces in a few weeks , at the age of 43 ,anything is possible and I feel super inspired by your results. I have similar crowding to what you had and I’ve always despised smiling or speaking in public . Your smile at the end was next level confidence and I wish you all the best for your future mate 🙏🏼🤙

Cláudia Fernandes:
3rd day with braces. Eating hurts like hell. My skull (besides my head) also hurts, for some reason. But in the end it will be worth it.

Erika Terrestrial:
This is by far the coolest time lapse I’ve ever seen of braces. I have over crowded bottom teeth similar to yours so this gives me a lot of hope. I’m going to be getting my teeth fixed before much longer.❤

Debbie DrillDance:
Love this video, was great to see the movement happening. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am 44 and about to get braces on in July 2020. So excited to finally begin the process and finally be able to smile confidently. Hopefully it will all be over for me by Christmas 2021.

Samantha Cooper:
Went from cute to WOW!
Currently on my 8th month of adult braces and I’m happy with the result so far!Yours turned out great!

Brittany Boswell:
Omg! This is amazing! I’m getting braces in 2 weeks and this made me even more excited! I’m so embarrassed by my teeth and seeing how nice they made your teeth makes me feel better about getting braces ! Thanks for sharing this!!

Joann Micik:
Thank you so much for posting this and sharing. I start my ortho journey on Dec. 1 2020, a little nervous, but looking forward to a better smile. My teeth are about as crooked as yours were. I had to have two extracted. Your video was very generous and brave and you’ve given me so much hope and courage to go forward. Thank you.

ThrewRedButter’s Beer Reviews:

November 2019 – January 2021.

I was 34-yrs-old when I got my braces. I was as apprehensive about the “stigma” that came with being an adult and having to wear them. But when searching YouTube in the weeks before having them put on, I can say that watching today, the message and the positivity from your video resonates just as strong as it did over two years ago. Just like you, I am so happy I took the plunge and 100% agree it was worth it.

I am two days removed from having them taken off and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to do this to please do so. It’s a life changer.

WOOOOOWWWW what a change! I got my braces 4 days ago and gonna have them for about 30/36 months and seeing your video was really inspiring. I watched a lot of time lapses but still amazes me how our teeth can change so much. PS: You have a beautiful smile, hope my teeth come out as good as yours lol

Arturo Gomez:
My one regret is not taking photos of my before and after. I’m getting my braces removed next month and I love the results, but I do recall how jacked my teeth were before braces. Trust me when I say you don’t know how crooked your teeth are until you get braces.