Basic Dental Terminology

This video is designed to help introduce some of the basic dental terms used in everyday dentistry. A lot of these words are things I tend to use a lot in my other videos, so this would be a great place to start!


Kris Feline Detuya:

I am so interested in dentistry during this quarantine, and was amazed how you explained well the terms here in your video, a big thumbs up Dr.!


Iā€™m not even in high school yet, just getting ready for the future šŸ™‚

Butaru Alexandra:

1st year med student šŸ„° I understood everything clearly, it was nicely presented! Thank you! šŸ’—


I just started as an in office dental assistant in training- no previous dental experience- and this video was SUPER helpful at learning the basics. Great explanations, do more videos like this

Cindy Mejia:

Love how everything is well explained with images and the writing with different colors. Really helped alot! Thank you

Independent Thinker:

Many thanks for putting this dental primer together in a very clear and concise way! This can help inform anyone who wants to take care of their dental health.

Emma Simons:

Love your videos! Would you consider doing a tooth morphology video for both primary and permanent dentition? šŸ™‚


Love the video!! I’ve been a dental assistant for 1.5 years and have been trained on the job so a lot of the ‘little things’ I’m learning my self and this has cleared up some of the why’s of why is this called XYZ etc! Love to extend my knowledge!

D.M. Velasco:

Thankyou so much! Iā€™m 14 and am going to be a future dentist, I lectured all of this and within 1 day I memorized it, this is a perfect vid to watch this quarantine to educate yourself whether or not your dream job is being a dentist. Thankyou ā¤ļø this taught me a lot