Basic Dental Terminology – UPDATED

In this revised video on dental terms, we talk about the different types of teeth, tooth numbering systems, tooth surfaces, tooth layers, dental treatments, specialties, and other miscellaneous terms. I tend to use a lot of these words in my other videos, so this would be a great place to start! Thanks for watching!



Thank you so much for this video! I’m a pre-dental student and I’ve just started shadowing at a pediatric dental office and this helped me understand the terminology constantly used around the office. I’m ready to be able to participate I conversations and understand procedures more clearly now.

Bledsoe Gaming:

Grade 11 Student, here. I recently realized I really love dentistry, and that’s what I want to do for my career. This is very interesting, and I love it!!

heidi s:

I am studying to become a dental assistant and only reading the books make it hard to understand.. but watching your presentations is a huge help! Thank you so much.

The Peripatetic Accrescent:

Thank you very much, I am a general enthusiast and wanted to learn about the Dental field starting from basic!
The way you explain it is soo very easy to understand, due to the precise language & diagrams with live marking!
Truly a Gem of a person to Make this type on Content acessable to everyone so easily! I appreciate your hardwork!


The video is so helpful and clearly explained!
I’ll start dental school next week and im so excited 🙂

Michele Flores:

Thank You!!! This is helping me alot!! Godbless you your Awesome for taking your time to help us refresh and learn and keep our Dental skills sharp. Please keep them coming our way.

Sha Amaa:

I feel like i just found a gold mine with this account! You have everything i need thank you for your effort and making these videos for us🙏🙏🙏

vanya ahchieva:

I’m a dental nurse. It is really helpful. Especially when English is not my first language.

Mai Mussante:

I’m a new dental assistant. I have watched this video multiple times, it is very helpful. Thank you

Mankwe Rabotho:

Thank you very much. You all pieces of a puzzle I had together. Now I understand ins and outs of the oral cavity