Baby Teeth Stages Development There is a lot of variation in the normal

There is a lot of variation in the normal eruption time for children’s teeth. Removing a Child’s Loose Tooth When a child has a stubborn loose tooth, take these steps to remove it. Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth. Learn how to properly care for your baby’s new teeth. Teething and Dental Care. Read articles on keeping your child’s new teeth healthy as well as teaching your child proper dental hygiene.


Mr Exists:

i was told I had this as a kid, had 2 entire rows of molars and premolars. the only thing i remember from it was trying to count to 100 and being incredibly dizzy and sick after they were removed

This Old Tooth:

At birth, humans usually have 20 baby teeth, which start to come in (erupt) at about 6 months of age. They fall out (shed) at various times throughout childhood. They are replaced by 32 adult teeth, including the wisdom teeth. – Dr. Lisa Germain.


This happened to me near my molar teeth it had a little crack and it dissolved and the permanent teeth started growing after that

emma van:

i’m 13 and i still have a lot of baby teeth. it’s my biggest insecurity especially cause all of my friends have all of their adult teeth. i just wish i lost them all when i was younger cause it gonna look so weird with some of my teeth missing 😭

sofia santos:

Omg I had that before but I went to a doctor and now my teeth don’t look crazy 🙂

P N:

I had this and my parents didn’t take me to the doctor and i had it for a long time

may estacio:

When she ended the video while she was talking, I think she said “Space maintainers are placed until the permanent teeth are ready to come in”.


I have those it’s when your tooth takes too long to come out