Baby teeth and the use of space maintainers

What happens if a baby tooth is lost before it should?


Kalter-Alt ROBLOX:

But the thing is, in the video, the simulation of the teeth came out 3-4 times, you have baby teeth, and adult teeth. Ususally, they won’t really grow like this even with that appliance. The tooth is going to usually be painly over time forced, or taken out.

Jiwa the Divine:

I’ve had a space retainer for years, around when I was 7-9. Mine was concreted in. It doesn’t hurt that bad, but sometimes food can get stuck in the ring part. As a bonus, I accidentally chewed it up while eating a tootsie roll (it came off)

Aesthetic Dreamer:

I think my older sister will need these because she lost her canine tooth when she was about to turn 7 but she wasn’t supposed to lose it that young then she lost the teeth next to it now she Is missing a tooth I feel bad for my sister

just jul s:

I had one of these and well….., the metal apparently will stick to gum while gum won’t stick to my braces like what the heck why can’t they just make the metal on those things the same metal that’s on braces bc I had to wear that for 2 years


I got one of these like 5 ish years ago, it came out today… and I’m in quarantine sooo, wut do I do (No, my tooth has not come up yet)

saitama with no brim:

Not going to lie but my canine teeths are tall but these teeths looks beautiful my teeths anyways looks like thet a little but the only different thing is thet I have literally long canine teeths


My problem is that the adult tooth is growing side ways and the baby tooth is loose in some places but i still can’t take it out. And idk how. It’s hard to because the adult tooth is already half way grown in😭