Apicoectomy – Treatment of root canal infection

Apicoectomy is used to eliminate an infection in the root of a tooth and the surrounding tissues. Here you will find all the information about this treatment.



I just had this done. It looks a lot more scary than it is. The area will be numbed by injections, and then during the procedure I only felt pressure and vibrations. It was a bit discomforting, but not painful. I had much more pain during standard drilling (and tooth extraction is way worse!). Afterwards I had no pain until about 4 hours later light pain, where I took 1 Ibuprofen.

Tamalita May:

I just had this done on tooth #14 yesterday. I felt no pain or discomfort during the procedure. The doctor did pop through to my sinus but we knew that was a risk going in, my root was all the way into my sinus. Today I’ve not had much pain at all, and mostly only when I smile. Also thank you for this very informative video. I didn’t watch until after lol. I did get a bone graft before suturing.

Autobot Rock:

It’s amazing to me how people can get extractions and even drill through bone and not always need painkillers afterward.
When I had a wisdom tooth removed I remember there were points I could still feel moderate pain even with the painkiller. The idea of getting this done and being told to take otc relievers is a little scary.


I had this procedure done on tooth #3 four days ago. I felt some discomfort the same day after the Novocaine wore off but not real pain. I did apply an ice pack every now and then and that was all. I didn’t even need to take pills for it. The thing that shocked me was when I got up the next morning, I felt absolutely no pain at all. As long as I didn’t smile, grimace etc, I felt nothing. Of course I felt a little swelling in the area and that was it.

Laurahanna Starzzz:

I felt pain towards the end of this procedure and she told me that I should bear the pain as she was unable to numb me up any further at that point. It was an absolute dreadful experience. Moreover, I suspect she got too close to my sinus because I had a nosebleed when I arrived home. I even heard the student doctor discussing the possibility of it occurring.

Brandon Stettenbenz:

I just had this surgery done 4 days ago. The surgery was not painful, but mentally I was freaking out over what they were actually doing to me. The first day I just laid in bed and iced it for 10 min on / 10 min off for the first 8 hours. It was tedious but it seemed to help. My cheek is still very sore and smiling, laughing or speaking with my mouth open feels very tight and uncomfortable. I had a root canal done on the tooth about 18 months ago, but the pressure in my gum never went away. For the firs time in 2 years I don’t have pressure in the gum, and that is a relief. I hope that it heals up okay and the cyst stays away. Goodluck to people getting it done. This video seems a little off, most of the surgeries seem to show a much bigger cut in the gum than the one this video shows. My gums have much bigger stitching.


It seems that I need this. I have had 3 times root canal on one front tooth in the span of 20 years. The first one is a failure because of stupid Dentist. 3 years later re-do the root canal. No gutta percha inserted by first dentist according 2nd dentist. Since then even after 3rd time root canal, the sensitivity is still there. It’s just a soft sensitivity but I can tell that something is wrong. On 3rd time root canal, the apex doesn’t want to dry even after 3 visits and the Endodontist just close it on 4rd visit without giving me a solution. What a life because of one tooth.