Acute Apical Abscess – Drainage abscess from root canal

Patient presented with fluctuant swelling on the tooth 21 and the tooth was already initiated root canal treatment by the previous dentist. Patient has history of trauma during childhood. The tooth was diagnosed with previous initiated theraphy with acute apical abscess. After access cavity, pus was discharge from root canal. Incision and drainage was attempted to completely drain the pus from the buccal mucosa. Intracanal medicament was placed with Calcium hydroxide and temporized.



Thank you doc for the great demonstration, may i ask if you still prescribe antibiotics after opening the access for the drainage? (If it yes, which antibiotic did you prescribe to the patient)

Pink Salt:

Hello Dr Afiq, even if you have a large draining abscess coming out of the canal, can you still irrigate with NaOCl? Thanks

stream epiphany:

Can’t imagine the pain they had to go through before this treatment 🙁

Alessio Maffezzoli:

Good morning, can I ask you the name of the song? It’s very nice. Also, nice work!!!

Samar M:

Do you irrigate with normal saline or sodium hypochlorite????

André Francis:

Hi Afiq; What is the name of the song used in the video? Who is it by? Thanks in advanced